A touch

A touch
hold me and take me with you

quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

If was real

I don’t know how I met you
I don’t know why
I can’t turn around and say goodbye
All I know is when you with me
you make me free
And swim through my veins like a fish in the sea

you're not worried about the ring I wear
Cuz as long as no one knows than nobody can care
I'm feeling guilty and you're well aware
But I don’t look ashamed and baby you're not scared

this is so truth!!
it's what I'm realy felling for you...
you make me crazy and I don't know way..
but when you have that look,i think I can fly..

I don't kwon if this is good, but my heart can't stop betting in my chest..
I don't know what to think, our what to say, I just know you're real, and I don't know what to do...

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